Zware materie


In recent years, we have increasingly come into contact with friends, sisters, and acquaintances who suffered from mental complaints. As loved ones, we experienced that it is not self-evident how you should deal with this. From that perspective, we investigate in the documentary 'Zware Materie'. Using different art forms and intimate interviews, we provide a fresh outlook on this extremely important topic. This way, we hope to contribute as a maker, friends, brothers, or acquaintances to making mental health a topic of discussion.

At the beginning of 2020, the corona crisis broke out. As a result of a hard lockdown in our hometown of Brussels, four of us were locked up: my two roommates/colleagues, me, and a friend of ours. That friend of ours has been battling depression for years. Being locked up together made it clear that I knew very little about this disease. One minute there seemed to be nothing wrong with him during a football match, and 5 minutes after he was entirely out of it. Depression is a disease that a lot is already known of, but which did not feel negotiable.

Curious about the subject, my fellow documentary makers and I went in search of the question ''How do you deal with a loved one who suffers from mental problems''. We have translated this research into a real GO Motion-style documentary.

Nominated for the Abbey Film Festival and winner of the “Narafi Most Outstanding Editing Award”.


Toine Mudde


Geert Oomens


Raf Overveld


January 6, 2022

Abbey Film Festival