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Video production for Kasteel de Haar: Experience the Magic of History

Our video production for Kasteel de Haar takes you on an enchanting journey through time, where the splendor of bygone centuries comes to life. Discover the unique experiences of visitors of all ages, captured in breathtaking images and compelling stories.

About Kasteel de Haar

Kasteel de Haar, located in the heart of the Netherlands, is a true jewel of history and architecture. With its majestic towers, lush gardens and rich history, the castle offers an unforgettable experience for all who visit.

Onze Videoproductie

Our video production for Kasteel de Haar showcases the magic of this historical monument through the eyes of its visitors. From young to old, every guest is enchanted by the splendor of the castle and its surrounding gardens. Through atmospheric footage and heartfelt testimonials, we bring the unique charm of De Haar Castle to life.

Why Choose Our Video Production?

Our video offers not only a visual spectacle, but also an in-depth look at the visitors' experiences. By showing the diversity of ages, we show that Kasteel de Haar has something to offer for everyone. From families making memories together to history buffs immersing themselves in the past, our video captures the essence of the castle experience in a unique and immersive way.

Experience your self

Curious about the magic of Kasteel de Haar? Watch our video production at Vimeo and be inspired by the beauty and history that this special monument has to offer. Discover why Kasteel de Haar is a must-visit destination for young and old.

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Geert Oomens

director advisor

Tibo van de Waale

Sound design

Alexander de Coen


Toine Mudde


July 21, 2022