GEK: Geniaal Eerlijk Knap


As a real Rijenaar, Geert Oomens (our creative director) has seen Kees walk before. Fascinated by his lifestyle, we decided to get to the bottom of this story.

Kees is seen in his village as a village idiot and is also called the mascot of Rijen. But aren't we all a little crazy? Kees may have completely different views, but he has got it right. He is happy, and no one tells him what to do.

In this portrait, we zoom in on Kees' motivations and show the other side of the story. Kees says he is: 'Genius, Honest and Handsome'.

GEK is a passion project that will be officially released soon. Until then, the trailer is already available.


The documentary 'Geniaal, eerlijk en knap' will premiere on March 23, 2022 at 20:00 via the video below. Set a reminder and don't miss it.

Narafi Brussel


March 7, 2022