Flappy Wings


Due to increasing demand, the fruit and vegetable processing industry is crying out for innovation. With its 'Flappy Wings' initiative, Inholland is looking for solutions to have vegetable greenhouses produced as efficiently as possible. With a bio-inspired drone, they may have the resolution.

Flappy is still in development, and they were looking for clear visualization of their complex solution. InHolland asked us to animate a business card for the project to convince potential investors of the product.To make the animation simple and clear, we chose a 3D animation with a clean design. A style that is visually appealing and can simplify a complex message. Because Flappy is a bio-inspired drone, we took a good look at the movements of insects and incorporated this into our animation. It gives the impression that Flappy is a living creature.

The animation is now being used successfully to create brand awareness and attract new investors.


Geert Oomens

3D Modeling

Abel Willemse

Sound SFX

Toine Mudde


January 9, 2021