Video Campaign

Video Campaign


How many commercials do you see on average in one day? What were they about? You probably have no idea. Not surprising at all when you consider how much advertising everyone receives per day. How do you ensure that your message arrives properly?

Go Motion Productions biedt de oplossing. Met gerichte videocampagnes die een authentieke en creatieve boodschap bevatten brengen wij je doelgroep gegarandeerd in beweging.

Our video campaigns consist of several steps:


We create unique content for every decisive moment in the customer journey. By using Touch, Tell and Sell videos, we lead the target group from awareness to action. The videos are strategically distributed at locations where your target audience is located through Facebook and Instagram ads.




To ensure that the message reaches the right audience, we start with intensive market research. We focus on demographic factors (age, profession, gender, income, lifestyle) and are able to classify your target group precisely.


Facebook video campaigns will reveal the return on investment exactly. A clear report shows the number of likes and views, as well as the number of products that are sold.


By understanding the ‘pain’ of your target group and the elaboration of unique creative videos, we create content that rises above the crowd.


Whether it concerns a campaign, a unique idea, a message or the launch of a new product, we are there for you from concept to realization. If you already have a detailed plan, we can work it out in such a way that it brings your target group into action. 

Would like to perform well with an outstanding video campaign? Feel free to contact us: + 31-636205890 or send a message and I will contact you today.