Geert Oomens


Geert Oomens

/ Director

geboortedatum 23/05/1996
Opleiding Belgische film academy
Woonplaats Breda

My Story

Geert Oomens is a 28-year-old filmmaker with a lifelong passion for the art of cinema. His journey began at the age of 14 when he started creating corporate films. Film had always been a dream for him, and his unwavering dedication to learning led him to explore how to effectively inform and engage audiences.

Currently, Geert holds the position of Founder and Owner at GO Motion Productions, where he serves as the Creative Director. He graduated with honours from the film academy in Brussels, specializing in documentary filmmaking. His debut work, the critically acclaimed short documentary “Zware Materie,” was broadcasted on NPO (Dutch Public Broadcasting).

Throughout his career, Geert has worn multiple hats, including Animator (both 2D and 3D), Editor, Cameraman, and Director of Photography (DOP). His diverse skill set allows him to lead his team effectively as a generalist. Having acquired these skills first-hand, Geert is a highly competent director who understands the intricacies of filmmaking.

Notably, Geert has collaborated with renowned brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association), Albert Heijn (a major Dutch supermarket chain), and Nike. However, his current focus lies in environmentally conscious and socially impactful projects.

Geert Oomens continues to shape the world of film, combining his technical expertise with a deep commitment to meaningful storytelling. His dedication to both craft and purpose sets him apart in the industry.

Owning my own film company combines my passion for marketing and creativity. With real stories, we reach the audience in a subtle way.

My Filmography

  • Year Film Title Description
  • 2018 Het Geheim
  • 2019 The Art of Running Short docu
  • 2020 Geniaal eerlijk en kanp Short docu
  • 2021 Mensen van de natuur Short docu

My Award

  • Year Film Title Award(s)
  • 2021 Heavy matter Short docu