Branded Documentary

Branded documentary


Branded documentary is the newest form of video content. It tells the real stories of non-fictional people and is therefore fascinating to watch.


Today's internet user is exposed to standard promotional videos on a daily basis. It is a form of advertising that is recognized and easily ignored really fast. With documentary style videos you tell the story of a brand in a natural way and you focus on the underlying story. Through the use of reality, we take a look at the life of persons that are closely connected to the theme. With a background at the Brussels film academy, our team is specialized in reportage. By asking the right questions, smooth editing and creative shots, we zoom in on the essence of your story.

Branded documentary allows you to highlight an important theme. Viewers can form their own opinion about this and learn what you stand for. Because you tell the story of real persons, people can truly connect with the subject.

The great thing about branded documentaries is that it is casual. It is perceived as non-commercial. your organization appears subtly and is linked to the message that the documentary conveys. The big advantage of this? Branded documentaries are more likely to be shared organically and contribute to a positive brand experience.


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