Branded documentary


Today's internet users are flooded with standard promotional videos daily. It is a form of advertisement that gets increasingly recognized and ignored. With documentary-style videos, you let a brand or message come naturally into view and focus on the underlying story. This way, you will come across as sincere while we work on your image.


By using reality, we look at someone's life who has a close connection to the theme. Our team specializes in reporting. We bring everything to life by asking the right questions, using quick editing, aesthetic-artistic shots, and creative sound design while zooming in on the essence of the story. We give your corporate video a cinematic feel.

Branded documentaries allow you to highlight an important theme. Viewers can form their own opinion and learn what you stand for. People are more likely to identify with this because of the strong emphasis on human interest.

The great thing about branded documentaries is that they are not-so-obvious promotions. It is regarded less as a commercial. Your organization is subtly portrayed and linked to the message that the documentary radiates. The huge advantage of this? Branded documentaries are shared organically faster and contribute to a positive brand experience. In addition, your company ends up with a product that would not be out of place at a film festival.


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